All official communications in regards to the Sephora Squad will come directly from [email protected] or via text from 844-973-2460. Please note that when you first create your account, start your application, or start a new session to resume your application, you will receive a new SMS code from a new number every time for security purposes. We will never ask you to provide sensitive personal information via text message. If you receive communication around the Sephora Squad program or your application from any outside parties, please do not respond, and inform us at [email protected].
After your application is submitted, your testimonial scoreboard will be available at the bottom of your Testimonial Page showcasing how many testimonials you’ve received. To access this page, go to, click “apply now,” and click on the “Share Your Testimonial Page” button on your application submission confirmation page. The link to your unique Testimonial Page will also be emailed to you. Your unique Testimonial Page is public and unlisted, which means that only people who have the link can view it (such as friends, family, or followers to whom you send the link).
If you have saved but not yet submitted your application, you can continue to edit your answers and submit your application by going to,clicking “apply now,” and reentering your email and phone number. The partially completed application will appear in order for you to complete and submit the form!

No, we cannot accept any application responses via email. Applications must be completed and submitted on to be considered. The application only takes 20 minutes to complete.

We kindly ask that all talent complete the application personally. The Sephora team is excited to hear about their unique passion for beauty and Sephora in their own words rather than having applications submitted on their behalf.

The headshot you submit with your application will be used for custom social media templates and on the Sephora Squad website if you are selected as a finalist. Additionally, if you are selected as a Squad member, your headshot could be used on Sephora’s social channels. If you have any trouble uploading your headshot, please reach out to [email protected]. When uploading, ensure your high-resolution photo meets the following image parameters:

  • File Size Limit: 10MB
  • File Type: JPEG
  • Format: 1x1, square

Once the application closes on April 4, you will receive an email on May 8, updating you on the status of your application and announcing the Sephora Squad 2023 finalists who have moved on to the final phase of the application process. From there, all Sephora Squad 2023 members will be announced on June 21, 2023.

Need to know more? Email us any time!

Please reach out to [email protected] , and we’ll be in touch.

Need to know more? Email us any time! Please reach out to [email protected] , and we’ll be in touch.

Applications Closed