Come one, come all, and share your beauty truths.
Join the #SephoraSquad.

#SephoraSquad is a different kind of beauty-influencer program.

We celebrate the most authentic and inspiring voices in the digital beauty space. We value unique, unfiltered, sorry-not-sorry storytellers, no matter the number of followers they have. That’s why the program offers long-term partnerships—a 2019 paid contract with Sephora—to those who share their beauty truths.

Ones who shout their triumphs and their struggles.
Ones who’ll try any trend once and not think twice about it.
Ones who leave heart emojis and thoughtful replies.

Sound like you? Let’s squad up: We are actively accepting applications for our 2019 #SephoraSquad.

Personalized Perks

Along with a one-year paid contract with Sephora, we’ll connect #SephoraSquad influencers with some of our products, resources, networks of brands, and industry experts to help you reach your next level. Perks will be customized to each finalist and could include some of the opportunities below:

#SephoraSquad Perks
Free products
Try hauls of products from some of our most buzzed-about brands.
Regram and repost consideration
Instantly help expand your social reach if your original content is selected to appear in our feeds.
Peer and professional coaching
Share ideas with other influencers and receive training tailored to help you achieve your goals.
Networking events
Connect with other influencers and make meaningful industry contacts.
Content collaboration opportunities
Cocreate videos and be featured on our social feeds.
Product collaboration discussions
Connect with our merchant team to hear what it takes to launch a need-it-now product.
Early access to products
Be #first to test and review products from some of the industry’s most highly anticipated launches.
How it Works
Connect your Instagram
Click the Apply button to get started and follow the prompts to sync
your account.
Fill out the application
It only takes about 10 minutes. Be sure to read the Application Terms before submitting
your application.

2019 Applications Closed
Ask your followers to vouch for you by leaving testimonials on a unique webpage we’ll make for you.
Key Dates
Wednesday, March 6th 11:59pm PST
Applications close for the 2019 #SephoraSquad
Thursday, March 7th
Selection process starts
Friday, March 15th
Semifinalists selected and announced
Saturday, March 16th
Final selection process starts
Friday, March 29th
Final 2019 #SephoraSquad selected
and announced
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the partnership last?
The 2019 #SephoraSquad partnership will last through the end of 2019. New #SephoraSquad influencers will be selected each year.
Is there a minimum or maximum follower requirement?
No. We value unique, unfiltered, sorry-not-sorry storytellers, no matter the number of followers they have.
What type of influencers can apply?
Anyone with an active Instagram account and passion for beauty and Sephora. We encourage influencers of all races, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, body types, sexual orientations, and abilities to apply to be a part of the #SephoraSquad.
Who reviews our applications and testimonials?
Our panel of members from Sephora's merchant and marketing teams–plus our current #SephoraSquad influencers, will review your application, testimonials, and content.
Why are testimonials important?
They'll help us understand the impact you have on your community. You'll receive the link and a custom #SephoraSquad Instagram story to help spread the word.
What does this program entail?
#SephoraSquad influencers will receive a one-year paid contract featuring things like content creation, social posts, and event attendance. Should your application be selected, you’ll work with our Campaign Manager to align on your final contract.
Do I need to be Sephora Beauty Insider to apply for the program?
Nope! You do not need to be a Sephora Beauty Insider member to apply.
Is there a minimum age to apply?
You must be 18 or older.
Is this open globally?
You must be a resident of the US or Canada to apply via the microsite.
Need to know more?
Email us anytime at [email protected].
Join the
Let’s squad up! We’re actively accepting applications.